Blackout Debut Show= Success

Friday February 7th, 2014- Blackout Debut Show at Jannus Live w/Carnival of Crue.

What a great night- the evening started chilly with a receding rain. The show was never in question, but the turnout was.

The Blackout set list was cut almost in half due to time restrictions, but we came out ready to rock and give the people a healthy dose of the greatest Scorpions songs.. both classic (Holiday, In Trance) and some newer helpings (Wind of Change, Tease me Please me).

The first show was not without its’ glitches, but when Michael (AKA Klaus) had the audience sing along with Big City Nights and The Zoo- everything faded. It’s so awesome to see the audience going crazy and singing along.

The Carnival of Crue guys (and girls) were awesome…. Not only allowing us to share the stage with them- but also helping out. Thanks for the pick Chuck (AKA Nikki)

Eveyone at Jannus was amazing- the sound crew, the lighting crew and the staff made our first show a very comfortable, fun, and easy going experience.

To everyone who came out- we thank you so very much. Without you- it just would have been a live practice đŸ™‚ And thanks to everyone involved with Blackout.

So… the end headcount as given to us by the staff was around 600 people. A great venue , great people, and a great show. We can’t wait to get back out there for you all again.

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